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About Us

Brainwash is a walk-in wellness clinic specializing in intravenous infusions. Our therapies have been specially formulated to enhance overall health, athletic performance and wellness as well as treating a number of common ailments, such as minor colds and viruses, altitude sickness, jet-lag, dehydration, headaches and so much more.

Intravenous Infusions: We offer a menu of six different IV therapies intended to hydrate, energize and restore the body. Custom IV’s available upon request.

NAD Cellular Detox: One of the only providers of NAD therapy in Colorado, our protocols are intended to detoxify and restore the body over a period of 4-10 days.

Lipotropic Injections: Formally known as Methionine Inositol Choline, these are used to release fat in the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits.

B-12 Injections: A great energy booster, Vitamin B-12 works through the red blood cells by enabling them to carry Oxygen more efficiently.

Oxygen Bar: At 6,732 feet above sea level the Oxygen can get pretty thin. Enjoy multiple flavors from our 4-station Oxygen bar.

Infrared Sauna: Uses infrared heaters to emit radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin to aid in detoxing the body

IV Infusion Menu

IV therapy is a low risk, minimally invasive procedure safely administered by our experienced registered nurses in a calm and relaxing environment. IV therapy is the fastest, most efficient way to distribute vital nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. We are commited to improving your overall health and wellbeing


A combination of vitamins and antioxidants designed to slow the signs of aging and promote healthy skin. (Glutathione, Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Magnesium.)


Designed to rehydrate your body and get you feeling better fast. (Saline, Toradol, and Zofran.)


A boost to your immune system to fight off colds and bounce back quicker. (Saline, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin C.)


For athletes or anyone looking to go the extra mile. (Saline, Glutathione, Magnesium, and B-Complex.)


Helps maintain overall health, preventing vitamin deficiencies and providing hydration. (Saline, Magnesium, B-Complex, and Vitamin C.)


This calming infusion can reduce inflammation and blood pressure as well as relax muscles and reduce anxiety. (Saline, Magnesium, Toradol, B-Vitamins.)


NAD Cellular Detox

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is the chemical term for a co-enzyme of Niacin that reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria of every cell of your body, naturally creating energy. Lack of this essential cellular fuel is now recognized as a key factor of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, weak immune system, muscle pain and weakness, headaches, memory disturbance, sleep problems, and focus and concentration defects. After a 10-day NAD infusion, dopamine increases six-fold, which would normally take one year on an antidepressant. It speeds up the cellular processes and chemical changes in the brain, equipping the mind and body to move toward successful recovery

Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic Injections, also referred to as MIC Plus injections, are used to help release fat throughout the body. The amino acids that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism. These injections boost the body’s metabolic power by providing a highly effective temporary increase of normal metabolic functions. Our MIC plus injection specially blend the following important ingredients:

Methionine - an essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats within the liver helping to lower cholesterol, improve skin tone and elasticity, nails, hair, and cardiovascular functions.

Inositol - a B-vitamin that promotes the health of cell structures and nerve synapses, aids in the metabolism of fats, helps reduce blood cholesterol, and participates in the action of serotonin.

Choline - is an essential nutrient that helps to support the liver in its processing and excretion of chemical waste products.

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B-12) - a has been shown to boosts energy and overall metabolic rate, assists in the burning of stored body fat, detoxifies the body, increases red blood cell production, maintains a healthy liver, and helps regulate sleep, mood, appetite and energy.

B Complex - four specific nutrients from the B family form the B-Complex. They assist the body in handling stress, increasing energy, optimizing cardiovascular health, increasing brain function, boosting anti-oxidant protection from free radicals, and maintaining an optimal metabolism.

Chromium - an essential trace element, it has been used to improve cholesterol levels, aid with weight loss, increase muscle, decrease body fat, improve athletic performance, and increase energy.

L-Carnitine - an amino acid which is required for the transport and breakdown of body fat for the generation of metabolic energy. Studies show that oral L-Carnitine supplementation can decrease fat mass, preserve muscle during exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Injections can be administered once a week, and vitamin B-12 is purported by practitioners and users to help accelerate metabolic processes, while creating a greater feeling of overall energy. Since lipotropics directly aid in the breakdown of fatty tissue, and are also closely related to B vitamins, and when used together, they are thought to intensify each other’s effects and are commonly injected together as part of the same treatment protocol.